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Сomplex corrosion protection technology

CJSC Neftech in association with OJSC Ruzkhimmashh and with Kazan Chemical and Technological University for the first time in Russia developed and implemented in production the complex anti-corrosion factory protection technology for the internal surface of the oilfield equipment. The technology includes the multilayer polymer coating combined with cathodic electrochemical protection and allows to extend the service life of tanks and vessels designed for the oil-water emulsions, sour oil and brine water with an insignificant rise in their cost approx. 10-18%.

 Using the paint and varnish coating only leads, after paint spalling, to severe pitting corrosion. Using protectors only results in fast breakdown of the protectors (protective covers) and requires their frequent replacement. That is exactly why many oil companies, for instance, OJSC Tatneft, Surgutneftegas, Megionneftegas and others, referring to their operational experience and to research data from foreign and domestic publications, refused to apply the means of protection separately and now prefer the complex anti-corrosion protection.

 This newly developed technology is applied at Neftechimmash plant specially built by CJSC Neftech and CJSC Ruzkhimmashh for this purpose in town of Ruzaevka in Russia.

 At the present time the whole range of manufactured vessels and tanks, including the latest HS-200 NТ, HS-200, 100, 50 P; OGZhV-200, 100, 50; EG-200, 160, 100, 63; GOSWD, ECU and others, as well as conventional tanks with volume from 200 m3, are produced by applying the complex anti-corrosion technology during the manufacturing process.

The equipment with factory anti-corrosion protection is in high demand among our customers e.g. Tatneft, Samatlorneftegas, Udmurtneft and many others. OJSC Megionneftegas and Naryanmarneftegas ltd. choose for all ordered tanks and vessels an anti-corrosion option. Companies like Tatneft and Samotlorneftegas (TNK-BP) even introduced their personal technical specifications for the tanks with anti-corrosive protection.

 We constantly promote the quality improvements of the manufactured equipment and of the comprehensive anti-corrosion coating technology by implementing latest materials and protectors. The plant is awarded ISO-9001 International Certificate.


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