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What are the main benefits of the NWL power supply for the electric dehydrators?

The wide range of power units is offered e.g. 25; 37,5; 50; 75; 100; 150; 200 and 250 kVA . This allows to select one power supply per one electric dehydrator, to optimize its design and to reduce the cost. Among other advantages of NWL power supply are:

  • 100% reactance, resistant to overloads during the short circuits of electrodes;
  • no additional control units for transformer are required;
  • wide range of output voltage values (12; 16,5; 20; 23; 25 kV AC) by use of a tap-switch;
  • optional design with high output DC voltage c/w 5 position tap setting that gives enhanced efficiency to electric desalter units for refinery applications where the quality of dehydration and desalting is critically important;
  • reliable design with leak proof transformer housing ensuring stably high dielectric properties of transformer oil and its long service life;
  • connection with entrance bushing of electric dehydrator via a regular cable in an oil-filled sealed off coupling that provides long service life, reliable explosion protection and weather resistance;
  • oil temperature, level and pressure control devices along with oil heating capability for maintaining oil dielectric properties at shutdowns in cold weather conditions.

What is the price of the elctric dehydrator? Do you provide the price list?

Modern electric dehydrator is a complex engineering construction. By means of in-depth analysis of data provided by a customer after filling the questionnaire, our specialists will select the optimum engineering construction and will make the technical and commercial proposal.

The pricing also depends on various factors like customer’s needs in automation, operating conditions etc. The first step in price estimation remains the filled in questionnaire concerning the electric dehydrator.

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