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High-voltage power supply NWL

Advantages of high-voltage power units:

  • depending on electrical dehydrator volume,  physical - chemical and electrophysical oil characteristics a wide range of power supplies is offered ( 25; 37,5; 50; 75; 100; 150; 200 and 250 kVA) which allows to use a single  power supply unit per one electrical dehydrator, optimize its design and reduce price;
  • 100% reactance, resistant to overloads at short circuits of electrodes;
  • no additional control units for transformer are required;
  •  wide range of output voltage values  (12; 16,5; 20; 23; 25 kV AC) by use of a tap-switch;  
  • optional design with  high output DC voltage c/w 5 position tap setting that gives enhanced efficiency to electrical desalter units for  refinery applications where the quality of dehydration and desalting is critically important;
  •  reliable design with leak proof transformer housing ensuring stably high dielectric properties of transformer oil and its long service life;
  •  connection with entrance bushing of electrical dehydrator via a regular cable in an oil-filled  sealed off coupling that provides  long service life, reliable explosion proofness and weather resistance;
  •  Oil temperature, level and pressure control devices along with oil heating capability for maintaining oil dielectric properties at shutdowns in cold weather conditions.

CJSC Neftech is the official dealer and representative of the company NWL Transformers, Inc. in Russia and CIS.  NWL Transformers, Inc. has been in the industry of manufacturing high-voltage power units for many world-known manufacturers of electrical dehydrators for over fifty years. CJSC NEFTECH supplies high-voltage power units to plants, oil-producing companies and refineries for completion and modernization of electrical dehydrators thereby increasing their efficiency and reliability. 

Furthermore, CJSC NEFTECH provides services in specifying optimum parameters and power unit type depending on operating conditions, implements necessary modifications in design,  instrumentation and control system, manufactures new high-voltage bushing assemblies and executes supervision and start up commissioning activities.

Also, the company "Neftech" provides services to customers to determine the optimal parameters and the type of high-voltage power supply, depending on the application, to design the necessary changes in the design and automation equipment, to make the new modules of input voltage and produces the supervision of erection and commissioning supervision.

AC power supply for oil with 100% reactance (w = 25-250 kW).

Electrical Specification Sheet:

Rated input voltage 400 VAC, 3PH, 50Hz.

The selection of nominal AC output voltages are as follows (Five output voltages can be selected through five position tap selector switch ):

  • Position 1 —  12 kV AC;
  • Position 2 — 16.5kV AC;
  • Position 3 — 20 kV AC;
  • Position 4 — 23 kV AC;
  • Position 5 — 25 kV AC.

Voltage tertiary windings:

  • Both tertiary windings are rated 100V nominal @ 2 amps +5% output.  Actual tertiary voltage will be dependent upon actual input voltage to its corresponding transformer and will range from 0V – 100V.  Since both tertiary windings from the two transformers are wired in series within the unit, the total feedback from the voltage feedback circuit will range from 0-200vac.
  • All units contain an internal thermal switch.  This is a normally closed bi-metallic switch that will open on an over-temperature rise.  The switch is potted within the primary of the main transformer.  It is there as a protection means in the unlikely event that the unit overheats.  It is designed to open at 88 degrees Celsius.

Applicable Standarts:

  • UL (60079-0, 60079-6, 60079-7) per SGS #FF126-05-0101;
  • CSA (E79-0, E79-6, E79-7) per QPS #LR 1001-2;
  • Ex (EN50014) Per Demko No/02 Atex 130819x and 02 Atex130820x.

Physical Specifications:

Dielectric cooling fluid:

  • Mineral oil type Gross Grade 206;

The painting method:

  • industry standard ASA61 gray pained finish;
  • Megatran50 premium paint system;
  • Unpainte: 316L dstainless steel.

Features on power supply include the following:

  • Copper radiator grille;
  • Oil Heater: 120V additional heater;
  • Oil level gauge on the main tank;
  • Pressure relief valve on the main tank;
  • Temperature gauge on the main tank.

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