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These insulators are made using exclusive technology of molding under high pressure of the high-quality fine Teflon together with assembling the conductor core.

By means of isostatic pressing in the mold at pressure of up to 800kg/cm2 the homogeneous non-void structure of bushing insulators with perfect dielectric properties, high reliability and long operating life is reached.

The design of the tip of suspension insulators allows to turn the  insulators in two planes and ,respectively,  to facilitate the mounting.

Bushing PTFE Insulator TS-75 type. Flexible input note of a high voltage ensures explosion-proof input of high voltage into electric dehydrator on electrode arrays.


Bushing PTFE Insulator EB3-300-T3 type is designed for  the high voltage submissions from insulator through the high voltage input device into electric dehydrator to the potential  electrode array (analogue IFP-5).

EB300 00

Suspension PTFE Insulator EH-01 type is suitable for mounting the electrodes in the electric dehydrator. (analogue of suspension and supporting insulators)

Comparative operating characteristics of PTFE bushings and insulators


Korean insulators

Russian insulators

Electric strength, kV / mm



Maximum operating temperature, 0С



Maximum operating voltage, kV



Maximum pressure, kg/cm2



Intervals of Inspectionand service,years



CJSC “Neftech” is the official dealer and representative in Russia and SNS of the PTFE insulators producer – the company  "Hanflon Corporation Limited".

dealer certificate "Hanflon Corporation Limited"

These insulators are made by exclusive technology from high quality superfine Teflon molded under high pressure directly into the assembly with the conductor pins.

Isostatic pressing in a mold under pressure to 800 kg/cm2 is achieved a homogeneous structure bespustotnaya bushings excellent insulating properties, high reliability and long lifetime at high temperatures and pressures.

Construction of suspended insulators hanging lugs can be rotated in two planes insulators and accordingly facilitates easy mounting.


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