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Electric dehydrators on metal frame and with block box

The execution of the electric dehydrators can be  in the form of unit delivery on the metal frame.

This option allowing to place all associated equpiment like dispersant(an input device for rinse water), valving, control valves, automation and control devices, cable lines and terminal boxes within the  borders of the frame and the service platform.

This type of the execution decreases the volume of installation. There is also a possibility to place the main part of the equipment into the heated block box with all necessary alarm and operation control systems.

The electric dehydrator on the metal frame is  as follows:

ed-1 (JPG)

Another option of the electric dehydrator with heated block box for  the shutoff control valves and automation devices

ed-2 (JPG)

ed-3 (JPG)

ed-4 (JPG)

ed-5 (JPG)


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