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Electric Dehydrators Automation

 CJSC Neftech knows how to develop and to manufacture the automation equipment for the electric dehydrators:

1. The local control panel(LCP) with power supply NWL.  The Local Control Panel (LCP) has explosion-proof execution (Exd) and provides the following functionality:

  • Indication of the transformer current loading (indicative ammeter)
  • Voltage indication on the measuring winding of the transformer (indicative voltmeter)
  • Indication of the impermissible level of oil in the transformer (by means of the discrete signal and the lamp)
  • Indication of the impermissible temperature in the transformer (by means of the discrete signal and the lamp)
  • Start and stop of the transformer by the non-locking push buttons  "Start" /"Stop"
  • Emergency shutdown of the transformer power by the locking push button "Emergency stop"
  • Converting of the transformer’s current loading into unified current signal 4-20 mА in order to transfer it to the external systems
  • Tension transformation on the measuring winding of the transformer into unified current signal 4-20 mA in order to transfer it to the external systems
  • LCP is equipped by the anti-condensation heater with the start/stop locking push button
  • LCP power voltage — 220V.


Local cotrol panel

2. The local automation system (LAS), based on the Rockwell equipment, includes the functional data exchange with external systems via standardized protocols, visualization, historical trending and event recording and is made for the operational control, management and technological protection of the electric dehydrator.

The list of the monitored parameters:

  • The presence of a gas cap in the electric dehydrator
  • Pressure, temperature, interfacial level in the electric dehydrator 
  • Unlocking of the transformer’s gate fence
  • Pressing the buttons on the local control panel by the transformer   
  • Current, voltage, level and temperature of the oil in the transformer  
  • The presence of the operating voltage 
  • Power state of the transformer (on / off).

The list of control actions:

  • The analog control signal regulates the control valve discharge drainage water (control of the interface level in the electric dehydrator)  
  • Discrete signals control the activation of the light and audible alarms; 
  • Discrete signals control the switching on/off of the electric dehydrator’s transformer.

p1 (JPG)

Functionality of the system can be adjusted according to the customer’s needs.

3. Selection and supply of the automated control and measurement instruments include: gas cap signal (2psc.), pressure detector, temperature detector, indicating thermometer, indicating manometer, measuring phase separation level gauge, indicating phase separation level gauge.

The example of the automation scheme of electric dehydrator

auto--1 (JPG)

The type of the LAS screen

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