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Electric dehydrator ED-V-NT with three-electrode system and NWL (USA) power supply

The principle specifications of the structure are represented by three-row electrode and collector systems, explosion-proof power supply NWL with 100% reactance and high voltage input node, imported bushing and suspension insulators, local remote control and automation systems.

General information on the process

The oil-water emulsion enters in the bottom of the electric dehydrator where, in relatively weak electric field between the low-potential electrode and the water mirror, the largest droplets coalesce and settle on the vessel bottom. Further, the emulsion by laminar flow rises and gets to the high voltage zone between low-potential and secondary grounded electrodes, where smaller droplets of water coalesce and precipitate.

The smallest dispersed droplets coalesce and precipitate during the further inflow of emulsion together with the residual water into the area of the maximum field strength between top high-potential and secondary grounded electrodes. Such coordination of the field strength change and the dynamic coarsening allows to optimize the process of droplets coalescence and to stabilize the dehydration process. The dehydrated oil through the upper manifold proceeds to the output of the device. Fresh water via the blending device flows to the electric dehydrator input. The recirculation of the rinsing water from the second to the first stage is possible.

Power supply NWL

Corrosion protection:

Internal anticorrosive covering is made of the latest imported compositions that are durable under high operating temperatures. 

For the same purpose the cathodic protection can be offered.

Automation equipment (Automated control and measurement instruments)

Every electric dehydrator can be equipped with the following automation devices: manometer, thermometer, pressure indicator, temperature converter, phase separation level gauges, signal of gas cap existence. The set of the automation devices and the scheme of the automation are selected on the basis of operational experience and are subject to customer’s agreement.

The control panel of power supply and the local automation system on the basis of programmable controller

CJSC Neftech is willing to provide services like installation supervision, commissioning and start-up of the supplied set of equipment.

Offered three-row electrode system with NWL OILPRC power supply thanks to its engineering elements, configuration and automation allowed to construct the electric dehydrator ED-V-NT of a new generation, which can compete with the foreign rivalry. This product in 2011 was named among “100 best merchandise of Russia”.

diploma “100 best merchandise of Russia”


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